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"I move because I can. Never take your ability to move for granted."

Roadmap To Wellness


Health Assessment and Wellness Roadmap

Start your journey with a free health assessment. Together, you and I review your needs and ultimate goals. From there, I craft a plan that is unique to you.

Before starting you will receive a written/visual roadmap with detailed milestones and a clear destination. A great reference tool to use throughout your journey.

Tailored Program Specific to Your Body Type and Needs

We are all different. It's important to eat and work out for your body type. We don't all burn macros the same. Therefore, I assess your needs and build a meal plan specifically for you.

A good workout can't overcome a bad diet. Let me take the guesswork out of your meal time.



Weekly Accountability Meetings

You are not on this journey alone. I offer 1-1 and group classes. No matter which program you select they all come with built-in accountability. My group members have access to an online support forum where they can interact with other members and connect with me live in a weekly accountability chat. My 1-1 clients either see me in person or check-in with me via video conference at least once a week or more.


If you don't celebrate, your health journey will start to feel like a job. That's why I created FITNESS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Now, you can join other like minded health transformers and practice your new lifestyle strategies in unique locations all over the world.


fitness all over the world

Next trip:
The beautiful Caribbean Island of Cuba.

One of the most unique health experiences on earth. Take your wellness on the road by taking an international health trek. If you want to show off your summer body, why not do it on the best beach in the world. At the end of your health journey we pick a spot and all you have to do is pack your bags. Join a group or have something planned specific to your needs.

And if international travel isn't for you, I also plan reveal parties. Show your family and friends the result of all your hard work with a unique party or photoshoot.

Next Cruise Sets Sail on Aug. 5, 2019
from Ft. Lauderdale.


Workout Anytime, Anywhere:

A 90-Day, Online Guided Fitness Program

Let's be real. Every program that says just follow this and you'll get shredded is selling you lies. If losing weight were that easy we would all do it. Truth is, most of us have lifelong habits that are keeping us from hitting our targets. That's why you need more than just a meal plan and workouts to hit your targets.

In my 90-day, online program you can learn behavior change techniques on top of at-home workouts and meal plans to help you finally make lasting lifestyle changes.

And if self-guided doesn't work for you, not to worry, I also provide 1-1 in person and virtual personal training. Just book a free consultation to create something specifically suited to you.

Offered in a Group or 1-1 Private Training Format
Full Online Program Coming April 2019


Offered in a Group or 1-1 Private Training Format Full Online Program Coming April 2019

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